I’ve been angry

23 Feb

I’ve been angry
Expressing myself in in-constructive ways
Sweating venom out my pours
So I hide away
Hoping to protect others by keeping them at bay

I’ve been so mad
And I have no reasons but I know
It’s been flowing over like the floods after a typhoon and it will not stop
And I’m trying

Trying to bring out the sun
To dry up all the pollution because I am no chemist!
I do not know how to compound a solution that will equalize this burn.

I’ve been irate
It’s been a long time coming because it’s been a forever drought of repression building up in my heart, like injuries so frequent it formed a calcium deposit and now… It’s starting to break.

I’ve been angry
And all that I can do is be patient
Build up a jail cell to protect others and
Just wait for the storm to clear.

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