I’ll Be Your Crutch

23 Nov

I’d take your demons if I could,Like a magic eraser, I’d wipe them away with the sponge.

If I can’t do that, then I’ll pluck them like the hairs on my eyebrow or like a zit I’ll pop them.

I’d pick them off your shoulder and I’d them in my backpack or like body lice Id rub on you and spread them on myself…

Well, Not quite

Your demons are more like an STD the kind you can’t get rid of the kind you spend your whole life with the like a disease. Like a never ending illness. And some days you can’t find them but other days… They’re like a parasite… instead of just sitting on the  outside whispering in your ear they dig into your back and crawl up into the into your cerebral cortex, reaching up like a hand and getting a hold of your brain.

And sometimes you can’t help but react when it gets that far it feels like the rubber band that’s holding the water back stretches to capacity, so thin it’s ready to snap and the part that stands loaded and cocked with a finger on the trigger is ready…

It’s caused by PTSD and there’s some sort of trauma that’s like a gun ready or cocked loaded and ready to go and when it’s triggered it’s like there’s a little rubber band that’s holding the dam up to support everything that might be coming out … Then the bullet hitsdone and boom the rubber band snaps letting everything spills out

All that’s left is catastrophic chaos and disaster… A flood plane mess with sediment everywhere and garbage strewn like the largest hurricane left everything disheveled. But no one can see it but you… and maybe a few others that it’s affected because your demons… There an invisible handicap that no one else can see. It’s an inward mess of sewage.

But I can feel them, and dammit, I love you enough that I would take them away easily, I’d wage war. I’d sooner grab a sword, fight an epic battle and take the trophy like a video game. I’d praythem away if it helped…But the best thing I can do is remind you, that you are strong and beautiful and nothing can control you… Nothing can save you… but YOU.

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