No Training Wheels

22 May

I used to pack your bags, remember?

Every item was accounted on a list.

YOUR list…

That I memorized like plagerization. 

You always thought things were lost,

And you blamed me. 

But you still wanted that list to be OURS.

Though we tried…

My feet could never fit your shoes. 

They didn’t understand the terrain,

How to fill the massive void that was made by silence.

It only took a voice to tell me how to accommodate,

But it was a dead jukebox,

No music ever came out.

As I itemized your life,

I lost track of mine.

The content settled in like fog,

Blinding the pathways. 

Sheets of ice for obstacles,

I was constantly slipping.

Simple solutions could’ve have saved a life,

But maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

I mean, I used to pack your bags remember? 

And now you’re gone,

Because I let go and then you learned,

To pack them yourself. 

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