Please Open the Door

11 Jul

I see a man with a sad boy trapped inside. It happens when kids are forced responsibility to survive.Survival creates walls for protection. As a result, there’s  a small door toenter your heart, but like Alice, I’m too big or too small. So, I’m searching for the cookies. I’ll take a bite and try to make it fit, surfing the waves of your mind and floating with what affection I get until I sink. With my life vest on, I’ll swim. Feel it out like clay, getting used to the textures and molds. Practice until they call me a sculptor. Scrape away the pain and turn it into something beautiful. Like your smile, shimmering hope.So let’s,introduce the boy to the man and I’ll love them both. Here I am, a refuge. Willing to fight for you both! So when I knock… please let me in. 

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