15 Dec

My stomach is a twisted rag but everything within is as hollow as a bone
I’m starving
And I’m using the bile to keep me full but I’m thirstin’
So I drink water to fill me up and I get NO reprieve
I’m              still                parched!
Cracked lips that smack the sticky spit, I’m using water to drown it out but I can still taste regurgitation
My head spinning
I’m just stuck on a merry-go-round with my thoughts racing diagonally and all of it is falling, pulled down by gravity…
F a l l i n g
Into a deep black hole that consumes and vacuums EVERYTHING that crosses its path
Or lose yourself to apathy that eats you entirely until you see nothing left
Start          from             dust
Scratching out what you want, knowing who you once were, and seeing who you become
You’re a blank slate

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