I am Strong

26 Nov

I am strongerthan most…with ability to remain composed when the wildfire spreads. I can remaincalm. I am NOT weak… my boneswill not allow it! It’s like an invisible string envelopes my entire being to hold me up even if my minds not with me… because I am TOUGH. AnythingI endure I can overcome… because I’ve seen worse… or know that it could be something else and DESPITE, I am brave! A warrior spirit seeks permanent shelter inside me, invoking me to use my power of muscle to hold up the world on my back.And like a waveswashing the shores clean, the rain providing liquid nourishment, the tree canopy that keeps you dry, the breeze that cools you down… my strength is this, making my being a crutch to be done with love! My great big love! And as great as my strength but not always pure, I chooseto give it anyway… Because I am unyielding, I NEVER give up … My faith… My hope… My determination… That fought itself out of the womb and into this world, that survived my weeks with disease onlyto TRIUMPH! My being pressing play and speeding of to an evolutionary GO! Rotating in constant motion to provide life like the tide, sun, earth and moon. I am tenacious, courageous and brave. And I have to tell myself “be strong”for everyone else, but me.

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